I am who I am because of who she was

Though I knew this day was coming, I was no less devastated when it happened.

I still remember that night in August 2019, when she called me and said that she was not sure of making it alive by daybreak. I jumped on the first available flight to Enugu in the morning and by God’s grace, I met her alive. Not only that I met her alive that morning, God preserved her life for another 27 months which happened to be the best times of our lives together.

I watched helplessly as her health degenerated despite the A-team of health professionals, therapists and caregivers battling to keep her alive. Even with the pains she went through, she still manages to smile at me and “apologize for putting us through so much stress” with her failing health, even though we never complained.

Her last wish was to see me. Unfortunately, she passed on before I got to her. I have never stopped wondering what she would have told me but I am comforted by the fact that we spent quality time together especially in her last two years on earth.

Ezinne was much more than the woman who gave birth to me. I will forever be grateful for the grace and wisdom that this mighty woman instilled in me.

I have never met any woman who is stronger or more resilient than my mother. Widowed and orphaned at a very young age and with two little children to cater for, she did not allow her circumstance to determine her future. Without a secondary school education, she engrossed herself with home studies and extra lessons. And within 2 years, she cleared her GCE Cambridge “O” and “A” Level subjects with distinctions. That enabled her to get direct admission into higher institutions and as they say, the rest is history.

I am who I am because of who she was. She was my greatest inspiration. She raised my sister and I to be champions and superstars. And after she was done raising us, she turned to her younger brother’s children all of whom she also molded into champions.

I’m not perfect but anyone that has come across me or done business with me must have felt her imprint. She ingrained INTEGRITY in my DNA. And anytime any of my kids is singled out as the best behaved in school out of hundreds of others, the credit rightly belongs to my Mum. To me, that’s her greatest LEGACY.

For as long as I live, I will never stop working to make EZINNE MARIA IFEOMA UZUEGBUNAM proud.

As we mourn her passing away, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to all her siblings for standing by her and with her. Even though we only have her twin brother, Engr. Simon Okafor as the last man standing, I want us to remember her other siblings who had gone to be with the Lord earlier. From the eldest, Late Mrs. Theresa Nwobi, to the second set of twins; the one and only Late Sir Peter Okafor (Ezeamalu) and Late Mrs. Josephine Nwosu. We remember all of you in prayers.

Ezinne, here is wishing you a smooth transition to paradise.

Your Son,

Frank Chukwunedu Uzuegbunam

We grew up to see and feel the bond between you and our father

We certainly lack words to articulate this tribute to you, Mummy. We find it very difficult to describe you with past tense and ascribe “Late” to your name. But in everything, we give GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

An astute teacher par excellence, a disciplinarian, a coach, a mentor, God-fearing. A giver, the one who gives when she has nothing, the one who cares for others more than herself. A brave, selfless, humble, brilliant with impeccable integrity. These are quality virtues that best describes you, Mummy. Mummy, your worthy and exemplary life was just a clear description of what living is all about (care and love for one another).

We grew up to see and feel the bond between you and your late brother/our father (Late Sir Peter Okafor). At the early stage of our lives, you took us in as your children with every sense of selflessness and passion. You nurtured, groomed, guided, mentored, loved and cared for us at that tender age to becoming whom we are today through the GRACE of GOD ALMIGHTY. You anchored us in Christian faith & virtues and fed us with morals which have being our guiding principles in life.

With every sense of humility and to the GLORY OF GOD ALMIGHTY, we the Children of Late Sir Peter and Mrs. Chinyere Okafor are bold to attribute our respective successful life to you. MUMMY, WE REMAIN ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU. The bond that existed between you and our father will continue to be stronger with generations unborn!!!

Mummy, you stood in defense of Christianity and Humanity all through your fruitful sojourn on earth. No doubt, your tangible and immense commitment to the Church earned you conferment of “EZINNE” title and recipient of several awards towards the upliftment of your home Churches: St. Peter’s and St. Augustine Anglican Churches, Abagana.

Mummy, you were a MOTHER-TO-ALL. We are all witness of how you fed, cared, trained, mentored, built and supported so many homes.

Mummy, as you transit to paradise, your real home, keep on with your smiles and have a peaceful rest in the bosom of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

…just words might not be enough, but……. MUMMY, YOUR LEGACY LIVES ON!!!

Arinze Okafor

(For: Late Sir Peter & Mrs. Chinyere Okafor’s Children)

To a dearest Mother like no other

Yes, Chukwudi/Chu-Chu is bidding you farewell amidst tears. You were so considerate even on sick bed during the trial period. You always bless me and my wife.

Little did I know that you are concluding your days on earth.

Oh, my dearest Aunty, mother, friend and confidant, where do I start from? You were a good fighter.

Despite being a widow at such a young age, you toiled to see that you brought up and cared for the amazing children put under your care. You started playing the role of a mother to me since I was 10 years old.

Mummy, you were a good fighter, a prayer warrior, a giver, a disciplinarian, a mentor, a counsellor. In fact, a mother par excellence. Most times my friends always say that if not because of your mummy/aunty, you would have been a problem child and we all laugh at it but that is the truth because you fought to make sure that I stand in the right way of life.

You dared where many failed. In education, when the girl-child education was rare, you were very educated. You are such a loving and caring mother. Your endless prayer for us is priceless, you love all your in-laws especially my wife whom you always call “Ada-omam”. Thank you.

Mummy, you loved and cared for your Grandchildren and prayed for them endlessly.

Mummy, you were not only a mother but a confidant and counsellor. You have always been there for us.

Ezinnem, I cannot even begin to imagine a world without you. Oh no, everywhere feels so empty and different already.

I miss you so much, Ezinnem!!! You exemplified all that is true of a good mother and much more. Your life is a legacy of joy and pride for us, a loving and lasting memory that our heart will forever treasure.

No doubt your parting has left a deep crater but we will fill it with memories of your laughter, joy, happiness, love, care and friendship we all shared.

Ezinnem, enjoy your deserved rest and peace with the Lord till we meet and part no more.

Love you Mum


Your Son

Chukwudi (Gentle)

You touched my heart in so many ways


Today, I finally summoned the courage to overcome this least expected sad event.

I wish to live on earth without losing anyone dear to me.  But sadly, death is inevitable. Ezinne, your death leaves a huge void in my heart that only time can probably heal.

Mummy, you’ve been the architect of my development, cheerfulness, courage, and a strong pillar upon which I rest. You taught me discipline, appreciation, generosity and fear of God.

You touched my heart in so many ways, you offered me spiritual guidance, you taught me integrity, hardwork and strength.

Your life was characterised by humility, compassion, charity and fear of God. You impacted love to us you children, and indeed anybody that came across you is second to none.

Your death took a lot from our lives but we will hold onto the beautiful memories of times spent with you.

Ezinne, I mourn you today but I mourn with faith in God and belief in the saying:  “To live in the minds of those who love you is never to die”, you will remain forever in our heart. I pray that God will show mercy and grant your soul eternal rest.

Farewell Mummy!!!

Adieu Ezinne

Jee nke oma.

Your Last daughter

Mbaneme Ebele Ifeoma

You will forever be in my heart.


It’s so sad that a precious gift from God to me passed away. Mummy, you touched my heart in so many ways, your strength and smile, your correction made me realize I had an angel beside me.


You taught me how to love, how to give, how to endure and how to be patient in all I do. You taught me how to pray. You encouraged me to work hard and believe in God. You’re my  biggest cheerleader. My success was your utmost priority. It’s so sad that death didn’t even allow you to witness me spoil you a little. It is so sad at instead of jubilating I’m writing this heartbroken tribute to you at this point.


Death is inevitable, unfortunately, is a debt everyone has to pay,

*According to Ecclesiastes chapter 3:1-4; says to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven, A time to be born and a time to die;A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; A time to kill and a time to heal; A time to break down and a time to build up; A time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance”.


One thing I know is that the trumpet of an Archangel will surely wake you up on the last day. I will always remember your encouraging words. I will always love you and I miss you. You will forever be in my heart.


May your gentle soul rest in the bossom of the lord, till we meet to part no more.


Adieu Mummy

Adieu Ezinne


Your daughter,


A woman of virtue and an embodiment of integrity


Ezinne Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam was a well-trained teacher, an achiever and a great administrator. She was a woman of virtue and an embodiment of integrity. She was shock absorber and a child of God.She touched many lives and had many children.

When marriage brought me into Okafor ‘s family, she acted as my mother in-law and welcomed me into the family. Thank you.

We loved you but God loved you more and had taken you.

May Almighty God grant you eternal rest and peace.


Your sister-in-law,

Mrs Eĺizabeth O. Okafor

You are a great inspiration and a motivator



You are a great inspiration and a motivator to others. You shared your life so happy with everybody was able to come closer to you. Your legacy will remain forever because you taught the whole world how to be honest and truthful. The joy you brought to us will never end and one day, we will be together again. Thank you for being a great mom. We will love you forever.


Forster Okeke 

(United States of America)

You were an example of integrity and honesty

Wow, Nne Muru Ora,
I received the news of your passing that faithful morning with deep sorrow but thankful to God for your life. You fought gallantly like a soldier of Christ. I have many fond memories of you, you loved your family beyond the ordinary and you were an example of integrity, honesty and value of hard work, you earned many laurels and respect from people and organizations around. You are a mother with a difference. You are very receptive and selfless. Can’t forget in a hurry the warmth reception you always gave us each time you we traveled for Christmas. You never got tired of us. You are a blessing to many whose generations will continue to speak of your impact for a very long time. Knowing you has been an honor and privilege, the best mother-in-law one could ever pray for. You will remain a hero for me, your son and the children. May God hold you dear in his bossom in life eternal. Amen.

Uche Uzuegbunam


The truest and dearest mother-in-law I could ever have asked for


You were the truest, dearest mother-in-law I could ever have asked for. I always felt very close to you, saw you as another mother and you always treated me like your daughter.

Thank you, Ezi-mummy, for all that you have done. You took great care of your daughters, sons, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren.

Ezinnem, you are now amongst the angels, flying high above the sky with your love still watching over us.

May the light of our best memories guide you on your way. Through heaven, you will travel until we all meet someday.

Your Adamma like you used to call me loves you so much. Rest in peace, Ezinnem.

Your daughter-in-law,


You were a portrait of a godly mother


The first day you saw me, you welcomed me with open arms, made me feel right and home.

I honestly don’t remember ever going through an awkward transition from being a stranger to a daughter- in – law.


I can never forget your teachings, advices and encouragements when you visited us in our home, you were an example and inspiration to the whole family, a portrait of a godly mother, a minister to the needs of others, always giving and sharing.

Thank you so much ma.


Your death was the home going of one of GOD’S most precious saints, a life marked by unusual selflessness…..


Ezinne deserves garlands not wreaths, praises not tears, smiles not sorrows, happiness not sadness.

You were filled with wisdom, a shinning example, your compassion for us was deep, you treated us with kindness, many lives were blessed through your goodness.



But even in grief, we know we are so lucky to have had this loving woman in our lives and now in our hearts forever.

So long!….it is well.



Heaven needs you more, we can’t question GOD.

Goodnight ma…..

Rest in peace.


Your daughter-in-law,

Mrs Ijeoma Okafor.

To My Super Hero

Writing this tribute was very tough because you departed this world sooner than I expected. I am still in denial of your demise; a part of me tells me that it isn’t real while the other confirms the shocking reality.  It took me weeks to put my emotions and thoughts together in words. Even though words fail me, I know that the time has come to do this.

With this great heaviness in my heart, I write to express how much my Superhero (Late Mrs. Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam) meant to me. As a kid, I remember my teacher giving us the assignment to write about our role model, and my writing centered around you. In my essay, I stated how strong and resilient you have been over the years.

People know you as my grandmother, but our bond surpasses a granddaughter-grandmother relationship. I know we didn’t have much physical time together, but you made sure always to call me (I miss those calls). You were my mother, prayer partner, confidant, role model, cheerleader, mentor, superhero, counselor, friend, and much more than I can state in this tribute.

Your death has left a massive vacuum in my heart that no one can occupy. I will forever miss and have you in my thoughts. Till we meet again, continue to pray for us (your loved ones)  and rest in the sweet bosom of God.

I am forever your big sweet baby.

Nneoma Elekwa


Your spirit and strength live on in each of us

I still can’t believe my lovely grandma is gone. The absence of your presence with us is very painful. We will definitely miss your advice, kind heart and generosity. You have been a great mother not just a grandmother. You have taught me a lot and pushed me at every time to be the best, you have taught me courage, hard work, selflessness, given me wisdom with your words, taught me kindness and love above all you have taught me family. Your advice before school resumption are what carries me through the term even when discouraged, how I miss them now. Your exit is very painful but your dreams I will yet fulfill. Your spirit and strength lives on in each of us and in all who has part taken of this wonderful motherhood. We are so privileged to have met you and learnt a lot from you, we promise to make you proud and uphold all that you have taught us. This Chinenye will not compromise until your dreams are all fulfilled. Ezinne as you are fondly called, till we met to part no more, sleep on beloved. Rest in peace grandma per excellence.

Chinenye Uzuegbunam

Grand Daughter

Can’t just imagine Christmas without you

I still can’t believe that you are gone grandma, can’t just imagine Christmas without you grandma, I still can’t believe I will hear your voice no more you truely were a special grandma, you may have passed on but your memories would always live on within us, I still remember those special songs you composed from bible passages especially Psalms, we still sing them in our morning devotions. Thank you for your sacrifices, your support system, care and concern. Thank you for your love, generosity and everything that you have done for us as a family, wherever you are I know you are in a much better place, we just want to let you know that we love you and you mean so much to us. We promise to keep making you proud of us in our life’s endeavors. RIP Grandma.

Chukwudalu Uzuegbunam

Grand Son

It’s hard to say goodbye,


It is so sad to know you are no more, to say that I will miss you is an understatement because you mean so much to us as a family. Your departure is too painful to us as a family and it has enacted a depth of vaccum in our lives and family. It’s hard to say goodbye, may God grant you eternal rest.

Jachukwuike Uzuegbunam

Grand Son

Is it true you have gone to heaven?

Hello Grandma,

Is it true you have gone to heaven?

We love and miss you so much

May GOD rest your soul

From Muna and Ossy Peter-Okafor

Your legacies will speak forever

Aunty Ezinne,

She was a cheerful, fun-loving lady who was full of life. Her smile could light up a room and it was infectious. She made everyone around her happy. Whether it was a funny joke, her positive attitude, or her big smile, she was a delight to be around.

Your legacies will speak forever.. your impact to the young generation are excellent

Rest on aunty Abagana as we fondly call her

You are in a better place now

We will always love your mummy

John Nwobi

She was a pillar of support to everyone who knew her

It is with deep sorrow and sadness that I write this tribute. Ezinne as she was fondly called was a kind, humble and caring person. She was a pillar of support to everyone who knew her. The news of her death was a shock but God in his infinite wisdom knows best. May the lord comfort her family and grant her soul everlasting rest in Jesus name. Amen


Engr. U.S. Okafor & Family

It is a privilege to have you as part of our family 


It saddened us to hear of your passing. I sincerely wish we could have you here longer. You were caring and purposeful. Indeed, you lived a remarkable life of service to family and the society. It is a privilege to have you as part of our family.


Thank you for the warmth, gifts and advices you gave. I will miss you. May your soul rest in peace in Jesus name Amen. ~Adieu Ezinne Maria~


Your niece,

Chidubem Okafor 

Thank you for all you did. Farewell dear Ezinne.

May your gentle and beautiful soul rest in peace.


Your niece

Ngozi Nwosu (nee Okafor).

She will forever be remembered for her immense contribution to humanity

“You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.
I am strong; when I am on Your shoulders
You raise me up to more than I can be.”

The chorus above in the song by Westlife can be said about Mrs Ezinne Maria Uzuegbunam Nee Okafor; A chrstian mother and certified teacher.

Exceptional testimonies emanating from those in her sphere of contact whom she had impacted; whether at home or abroad. Nuclear or extended. Young or old. Mrs Uzuegbunam was a blessing to many people too numerous to mention.

Seldom did anyone came in contact with her and remained the same.

Mrs Ezinne Maria was an institution. She dedicated her entire life towards building, equipping and changing lives.

Synonymous to a magnet, her charming charisma drew a lot of people to her. People from different works of life came. Ezinne was hardly tired. She was committed to her mission of touching lives which she often executed selflessly and with great tenacity. Her works speaks for itself anywhere.

A reason she was popularly and fondly called “Big mummy/ Ezinne” by a seemingly majority amidst other women of her same background. A name she earned early in her life time.

Well-remarkable, as Ezinne continued with her mission, more of such accolades were thrown at her from various nooks and crannies.

She was bestowed with a honorary award’ Ambassador’ of St Peter ‘s Anglican Church Women Home and Abroad in Abagana, her home town at a prime time in her life: An hallmark recognition for her distinctive and selfless contribution to her home, church and society at large.

Charity begins at home.
And Mrs Ezinne Maria Uzuegbunam was a household name.

Therefore, as she had left deep prints in the sand of times.
Indelible marks in the lives of many.
A legacy too high to surpass.
She will forever be remembered for her immense contribution to humanity.

Until we meet to part no more.

Adieu Ezinne.
Adieu Big Mummy.

Jane Nwosu

You will be remembered for your good works


Ezinne, it is with a heavy heart and tears in my eyes that I write this tribute.


I met you eight years ago when your son came to marry my daughter. And since then, you have been a dear mother to her.


Last 2 years Christmas (2020), when I came to visit you, you took me round the new apartment you advised your children to buy as an extension, and there was an impending issue we did not finalize. Now, who will advise and guide these children.


I wished you stayed a little longer but I cannot question God who gives and takes. You will be remembered for your good works, hard work and strong commitment as a soldier of Christ.


God knows best and I believe you are in a better place now.


Adieu Ezinne


From Mrs. Beatrice Okonkwo

On behalf of Late Elder Christian Okonkwo’s family Enugwu-Ukwu



“…The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong;…but time and chance happeneth to them all.” – Ecclesiastes 9:11.


We return all thanks and praise unto The Most High God for the very ebullient life you led here on earth. You came, saw, fought the good fight of faith, ran the race, finished the battle, conquered the world and bowed out most gallantly and peacefully. Now is reserved for you, a big crown of glory in the mighty name of Jesus!


Auntie, your gigantic footprints on the sands of time remain unerodable. You were a precious jewel; a shining star; a vessel of honour; a virtuous woman; a quintessential mother/grandmother; a role model; an uncommon amazon; a soothing cord; a priceless ruby and an epistle known and read of all men – 2Corinthians 3:2.


Your life and time were laced with inestimable landmark accomplishments and events to the glory of God and goodness of mankind. You stooped for others to stand; went empty for others to be filled; diminished for others to increase; toiled for others to rest and endured for others to enjoy. Your legacies speak volumes and will always be there for the guidance and welfare of mankind.


We are quite optimistic that the Almighty God has purposely called you home to enjoy your well deserved rest from the toils and boils of this wild world. You are not dead, but has only been planted, to germinate on the great resurrection morning.


In Hosea 13:14, the Scripture records that: “I will ransom them from the power of the grave, I will redeem them from death. O death, I will be thy plagues, O grave, I will be thy destruction…” This is our consolation, for the dead in Christ shall rise – 1Thessalonians 4:16.


Good night Auntie and may your affable soul rest perpetually at the bosom of our Lord till we re-unite, to part no more.


Adieu!       Adieu!!      Adieu!!!


Sir Chief Mac Benito Ozigbo



Awovu Cottage, Enugwu-Ukwu; Anambra State of Nigeria

What attracted me to her was her high academic excellence & hard work

Death, they say, is but the beginning of life. Such is the case with Mrs Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam whom I met first at Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri in 1977 as my next-door roommate. What attracted me to her was her high academic excellence and hard work. She once showed me the photograph of her two charming European like kids. In admiration, I quickly declared the boy-child would be my husband. From thence, we humorously addressed each other as ‘Nnedim na Nwunye Nwam’ even though I was many years older than she was.

Nnedim, you were always at the crowded Education lecture hall few minutes before time when you would be colonizing seats for us your friends. Your unique policy and hard work was very glaring. I remember when you were trotting from Owerri to Abagana every Friday evening to attend to your kids and back to Owerri every Sunday evening to attend to your lectures. You did that for three years. Yet your certificate was bedecked with distinctions. Great woman! Your academic performance and hardwork was so glaring that some students nick-named you ‘iron lady’.

Nnedim, space does not allow me to say all I know about you that is why I am cutting everything short. What I know is that everything about you is second to none.

We dispersed from Alvan at graduation only to meet you again at Abagana when I was posted to teach in one of the secondary schools around. You again struggled to rent a house for me. I cannot stop without mentioning how the whole school assembly at St. Mary’s High School, Ifitedunu, and one year spontaneously went chanting. Uzuegbunam! Uzuegbunam! Uzuegbunam! K anyi..eso…e.t.c  when the WAEC result was announced and your subject got 100% with majority of students under distinctions.

Nnedim, your activities in your church- St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Abagana was unprecedented I was there when they invested you with the title ‘Ezinne”. Now your name is written in gold in the church, I have no doubt the Almighty God will receive your soul as you have also lived and died a committed Christian. Rest in peace my perfect Angel!

Adieu Maria

Adieu Ezinne

Adieu Nnedim

Rest in perfect peace. Amen



To my ever smiling and intelligent friend

The news of the death of my beloved friend Late Mrs. Maria Uzuegbunam came as a rude shock to me. How are the mighty fallen. How could I have dreamt that my ever smiling, burbling and intelligent friend could die so early. She relocated to Lagos after her retirement from public service but made it a point of duty to come home to Abagana intermiteritly especially during pensioner’s verification exercises. At such times we used to meet and happily exchanged views.

But then, that is life. I urge you her children and siblings to take solace in the fact that she lived a fulfilled Christian life. She was very intelligent and resourceful. God gave her to us and God has taken her back. You have to prayerfully forge ahead for our Almighty God is there to protect and guide you for He is ever faithful to good people like you.

May God grant her gentle soul eternal rest in Jesus Name Amen.
Maria gaa ije gi nke oma n’aha Jesus Christ onye kere gi.
Dr. Lady Josephine Ilokanuno
Iyom Odiuko

To A Woman of Honour, A Rare Gem

Distinguished Ezinne, an Ambassador of Christ. Is it true that I will not see you anymore? Is it true that the cold hands of death has snatched you away from me and your loved ones. Is it true that I will no longer here that your gentle and loving voice that calls me Model International. Is it true that you have gone with your wealth of knowledge and hard work.

Ezinne, you cheated Chukwudi Okafor your son because you did not do any Omugwu for him.

Little did I know that you will not come back from Lagos, I was expecting all the gifts you will bring back to me from Lagos.

Ezinne Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam, distinguished, Ambassador of Christ, I thank God for the life well lived; your death is transformation to a greater glory. You left foot prints in the sands of time.

What will I not say of you from the time I met you in Nnamdi Azikiwe Secondary school Abagana. You were a Lady of dignity prudence hard working and doing your work without fear or favour, a great achiever and you carry success with you anywhere you were. You held the chairman of Anglican Teacher’s Association Abagana which you did for years until you got appointment to teach in private school in Loral International School, Lagos. When you left the Association nobody could fill the gap you left and the Association collapse. The Private School you went to, the tone of the school rose to its pick in your tenure. You were good to both teachers and students. In-fact when you left the school on retirement many parents took their children away from the school.

Should I talk of how you carried your brother’s children along with your own children. Nobody knew that they are not your children you did for them what their parents could do for them and more.

In-fact, you were a rare gem, you left a legacy for us. Even though you built a magnificent building you did not leave your brother’s house where you stayed and nature them.

Time will not permit me to talk of your wonderful deeds. Ezinne where are those songs you compiled. Who will sing it to them and teach them. I will never deviate from what I have learnt from you. Distinguished Ezinne, how are the mighty fallen and the weapons of war perish. You will always be green in my memory.

Your church you nursed with donations what will they do? You have created a gab there. The more I wanted to conclude the more your good deeds come to my memory.

My prayer is that the good Lord will keep you in His Bossom till we meet to part no more. Have is good rest. Bye bye. Good night.

From Okonkwo T. I.
Model International as you rightly called me.

You treated your nephews and nieces as your biological children


Death is inevitable, so painful to remember, but a necessary end and a gateway to eternal glory which every mortal must undergo. God has ordained it that every mortal must die under one circumstance or the other, when, how and where we don’t know.

Ezinne, as I write, I grieve over your demise as I still find it difficult to believe that you have gone forever. I pray that God who it pleased to call you home at this time comforts and grants your son, brother, nephews, nieces and other’s the needed fortitude and faith.

Ezinne was a good Christian and a woman of strong faith in God. She was dutiful and helpful to all who came her way. She was a mother per excellence, very selfless in nature, caring, courageous, adviser, intelligent and hardworking. Your love for your nephews and nieces whom you treated as your biological children is unparalleled. You left good legacies and as such you will always be remembered.

I thank God for your son and others who took care of you when you were sick and provided all manner of comfort. Your departure from our world surely has left a very big hole in the hearts of your son, siblings, nephews, nieces, friends and all that had the honor to meet and know you. No word can describe the loss we feel.

May your beautiful soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. AMEN.


Lizzy Emelife.

To a woman of substance

Mama EZINNE MARIA, is a great woman. A woman of substance. A graduate of great Alvan Ikoku college of education, Owerri and University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Her EZINNE title is not by accident. She has contributed so much to the moral upbringing of the children in Nigeria. She was a Principal of Principals in secondary schools; senior principal of Loral International schools, Lagos and Ogun state where she retired from active service. She is Mama Akwa, Mama Lagos, Mama London and a great Nigeria. EZINNE is a Quintessential Icon of our time.

Her contribution to my family morally and economically cannot be quantified. God will surely reward her by making heaven. Saint EZINNE MARIA, we love you but God loves you more. It’s difficult for me to say goodbye; let me just wave my hand and fare you well to the land of great expectations where we shall meet again and part no more.


She devoted and dedicated much to the service of humanity

To a mentor, ezi nwada Abagana, a disciplinarian, merciful conqueror, dynamic, ambitious and a woman of great integrity (EZINNE – UWA-NINE)

Mrs. M.I. Uzuegbunam was a God fearing and decent tutor who taught and brought up many well to do citizens in the societies.

As a candidate who was brought up under mission school during colonial era wisely put God first on whatever she wants to do and as such gave herself totally and entirely to God.

She devoted and dedicated much to the service of humanity and diligently performed her duties well, which undoubtedly allowed her to attain to the rank and post of Principal of the highest grade.

Ezinne, you fought, you conquered, I hope we shall emulate your life style of tireless, hopeful and humanly efforts and ambition.

We must be constant in prayers for the repose of your soul and souls of the faithful departed, as we ask the merciful Father to forgive you whatsoever sin you have committed as a human being during your lifetime on earth and also grant you eternal rest in His everlasting Kingdom. Amen.

Good-Bye and sleep well Onye-Oma.

Mazi I.O.N Dilibe

You were like a mother to me and a guardian

Death is an inexplicable end that comes when it will come. The death of Mrs. Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam was a rude shock to me. I knew you were sick but recuperating. I never knew it was the last battle that will seperate you from this earth to a resting place where you’ll be free from sickness and pains.


You were like a mother to me and a guardian. You were a devout Christian, highly knowledgeable teacher and a virtuous woman. You lived an examplary life worthy of emulation. I knew that God has only elevated your angelic status from being an angel on earth to a guardian angel in heaven.


Ezinne as she was fondly called by many has crossed the boundaries of human consciousness. We should not mourn like those who do have Christ in them, but like Christians, we should celebrate the fact that her sojourn on earth was fulfilled knowing quite well, that there is life after death. You will forever live in the memories of those lives you have impacted positively.


May the peace of God Almighty, flood and strengthen the hearts of your loved ones even as we pray that you rest in eternal bliss, Amen.


Adieu Mrs. Uzuegbunam!

Adieu Mama Frank!!

Adieu Ezinne!!!


Hon. Abeze Kingsley & Family.

To my Godly Mother

I don’t know how to put this tribute as your death still sound unbelievable to me as I feel that writing this tribute will make it real but no matter how it might be, let me try to write something as we cannot challenge God, our creator, for what happened as it is the will of God that occurred.

A woman that is one in diversity and virtuous woman who have all the good qualities of life required by God as standard for Godly women and even more. A woman whom no woman can challenge her motherly attributes. A woman who possesses very good rugged quality that is very hard to come across, thus, a rare gem.

A good guidance counselor and universal mother, a woman who is another mother of the society. She admires any child she comes across and renders her best motherly care at any particular time.

Any child who is rough immediately he or she comes across the woman, even in the school period, automatically the child will be controlled in behavior, character as well as good conduct. In any school she worked, her position as mother is practicalised. This can be further proved from the type of co-operation which those children gave to Late Mrs. Maria Uzuegbunam (Ezinne) as she is called and crowned by the St. Peters Anglican church Abagana.

This name Ezinne most fit Late Mrs. Maria Uzuegbunam because I haven’t seen a mother so versatile in the dissemination of motherly qualities and services like her. I don’t think any woman can challenge her due to her particular area of responsibility and universal children care which is part of the woman’s stewardship in her life. I thank the Church for crowning her Ezinne because she is Ezinne indeed and believe in universal training of children and human investment.

Ezinne loves to give generously. Whenever you visit her, she must give you food, drinks and money.

She gives to the church, help the poor and the needy, thus, sharing whatever God have given her accordingly as expected by God servants. Students of the school she administered all admire her, even parents admire her for her guidance and counselling efforts she renders universally to the whole school children not minding their tribes. Training of children is her destiny; she trains children without cane but by just speaking to them only.

I therefore beg God to be with the children and to fill this vacuum that have been created by her death in the society.

Ezinne, go in peace and rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Adieu – my godly mother

Adieu – Maria of all people

Adieu – Nne ora

Adieu – Ara n’azu nwa

Adieu – Universal mother

Adieu – Ezinnem

Good bye! Goodbye!! Till we meet again.

Thank you personally for great motherly care which you gave me. I can never forget you in my life. Continue to rest in perfect peace – Amen!

Your Godly Son

Mr. P. C. Ezekwueche

Class of 85 St. Mary’s High School Ifite-Dunu

Formerly Njikoka High School, Ifite-Ukpo

Contact No: 08023235832, 08033049109

Date: 18th Jan, 2022

Condolence Message

The members of class of 1985 of St. Mary’s High School Old Boys Association Ifite-Dunu is commiserating with one of us, Chief Frank Chinedu Uzuegbunam (Kpakpando Abagana) on the demise of his lovely and amiable mother, Ezinne Maria Ifeoma Uzuegbunam.


Ezinne, your passing on to life beyond was very quiet and peaceful. You are a woman of peace with heart full of love and kindness. All who came across you shared the warmth of your, self-discipline, generosity and kindness you are simply wonderful in all ramifications. You instilled in us, your students, the virtues of honesty, patience, discipline, hard work, courage and above all dedication to God.

No doubt, death is an inevitable to every mortal but we take solace in the fact that you lived a good life worthy of emulation.


Our prayer is that God almighty shall grant our friend (Frank) and the rest of the family the fortitude to bear this great loss.


May Your Gentle Soul Rest in Peace, Amen

………………………………                                    ………………………………………               ………………………………

Okonwo Edwin                              Sir Nwokoye Pius ChimA              Nnanyelu Ndidi

Pub. Sec. (85 Set)                             Chairman (85 Set)                          Asst Sec (85 Set)


We received, with shock, the news of the secretary-per excellence, Ezinne Maria Uzuegbunam. We are yet to come to terms that Ezinne is no more. We recall, with nostalgia, her contributions to the progress, welfare, and development of the Women’s wing of Abagana Anglican Community (A.A.C.), Home and Abroad.

We mourn your departure but must accept it with good faith and resignation to God’s will.

A simple woman, full of wisdom and intelligence. She was never carried away by the world and her achievements. Her advice and words of wisdom were second to none.

May the good Lord heal the wound her death has caused and may HE give us the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss.



Nneka Aniagoh Ph.D                                      Mrs Ngozi Anisi

Secretary                                                         President

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